Manchester Aspire Terminal 1 Lounge Reviews

Aspire Terminal 1 Lounge Reviews

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  • 80% of customers who left a review for Manchester Airport Lounges would book again
  • 5135 customers have given an average rating of 4 out of 5
  • Aspire Lounge T1 - Read more Aspire Lounge T1 reviews I booked the Car Park, Fast Track, Airport Lounge and Resort Transfer through Holiday Extras. The car park was excellent and i couldn't fault it at all. Things then went wrong. The Fast Track tickets were for Terminal 2 when i specifically booked Terminal 1. Fortunately, the staff were understanding and allowed me to use the Fast Track queue anyway. The Airport Lounge was great however, i fortunately checked it before leaving as this had also booked Terminal 2 and not Terminal 1 as requested so i changed it prior to the date. When i arrived in resort, i found that the flight number that had been printed on my ticket was also wrong so i arrived at the booking desk for the resort transfer after a flight delay to be told that they assumed i hadn't arrived on the correct flight and therefore they couldn't take me as they had already informed Holiday Extras of my "no show" so i had to use a private taxi at an extra cost of £40 at 11pm at night with a 7 year old child AND i had to log on to my internet abroad in order to show the taxi driver where the hotel was as he didn't speak English and had no idea. On the return private transfer the taxi driver decided to stop mid journey to go into a service station and a 45 minute journey ended up taking 1.5 hours. A family was still in the pool at the hotel when we left and got picked up well after us but had got through airport security at Dalaman before us. I have regularly used Holiday Extras as i have found them cost effective for a good service but i don't think i will be using them next year and will unfortunately look for an alternative.

    Mr Mellis 11 Aug, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Excellent facilities, efficient and friendly even at 4am!

    Mrs Edwards 10 Aug, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Had a really excellent start to our holiday. Staff were most helpful, the food was of excellent quality. It was a treat to relax away from the crowds. Time passed really quickly.

    Mrs Newall 06 Aug, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 The aspire lounge was awful. Food was scarce and slow to refill. Lady behind the bar was miserable. It's in a mobile signal low spot and the wireless was useless. Staff themselves explained the mobile and wireless signal are useless there.

    Mr Dewhurst 30 Jul, 2022 2 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Smoothly as always

    Mr Thornley 28 Jul, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Lounge had issues. Queue fir main desk was out the door and took over 20 mins to get inside. Once inside there was no wifi as it was down and had been down for a couple of weeks. The charging points in some of the chairs didn't work.
    I'd say this has been the worst lounge I've ever been in and I won't be going back

    Mr Warmington 28 Jul, 2022 2 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Made the start of the holiday more enjoyable & relaxing

    Miss Boye 25 Jul, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Only fault I had was you didn't seem to have as many buses running as normal rest of service excellent

    Mr Edge 20 Jul, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 never again will I go into the aspire lounge service was rubbish and the section off food

    Mr Laban 17 Jul, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Great service and friendly staff

    Mrs Clayton 17 Jul, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 More variety of food & drink in vip lounge

    Mrs Fairhurst 17 Jul, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Expensive for what it is.
    Won’t book through holiday extras again.

    Mrs Brown 15 Jul, 2022 1 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 used many times great service

    Mr Thomasson 14 Jul, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Disappointing this time. Have been there a few times but the food was very bland & in short supply. Staff as usual were very polite. Will still recommend lounges as having drinks & food (if improved!!) is excellent value compared with bars/cafes in crowded general areas.

    Mr Charters 13 Jul, 2022 3 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 I purchased extended cover in case our flight was delayed. It was, but we could only stay in the lounge until 1.00pm because the lounge was closed then?!

    Mr Hobbs 11 Jul, 2022 3 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Booked with confidence and holiday extras delivered as expected.

    Mr Llanwarne 09 Jul, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Unfortunately we were not allowed in as they had to close early due to a staff shortage. I am still awaiting a refund, I was told by a member of your team that it will take 20 days but I haven't received any communication since as to the status of the refund. I have a copy of the chat and will be contacting you again by 6th July.

    Mr Maude 03 Jul, 2022 1 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Aspire lounge excellent aph car park great as per usuall

    Mr Ferns 02 Jul, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 It was a terrible experience on this occasion. There was no hot food (apparently the ovens weren’t working)
    The staff were rude (apart from receptionist) uncaring that we had paid for a service we weren’t receiving.
    We left to get our flight with NO hot breakfast and felt the value for money was zero. The whole point for me booking was not to have to queue for breakfast and have a decent one before we boarded our flight.

    Mrs Donohue 02 Jul, 2022 1 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 I had to ring for a refund because the airport lounge was closed I have requested a manger for a call back over a week ago and still no contact customer service is shocking

    Mr Atherton 28 Jun, 2022 1 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Facilities exactly as described, hot & cold food plentiful, drinks flowing, peace & quiet, perfect way to start a holiday

    Mrs Vickers 25 Jun, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Service from Holiday Extras was excellent: easy to book lounge tickets at the last minute, no problem gaining entry to the lounge. However the food in the Escape Lounge left a lot to be desired, not a great deal of choice and slow to replenish the items. The service at the bar was good and all drinks requested were available, the bar staff were friendly and efficient. Despite the food disappointment we would still book this lounge again if it was the only one available because it is a calm place to wait rather than the chaos of the terminal.

    Mrs Maloney 25 Jun, 2022 4 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 The reception desk when I arrived wasn't well staffed so I had to wait some time to gain access.
    When I got settled at a table I went to find some thing to eat, so I made a Bacon Bun, sadly the Bacon was cold, Not warm but cold. decided not to bother with any of the other options.

    Mr Hinchliffe 25 Jun, 2022 3 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge T1 Absolute con. 2nd time I've booked and you have defaulted my booking from terminal 2 to terminal 1

    Mrs Cole 21 Jun, 2022 1 out of 5