Restaurant at Warmans Barn House

The Ash, Burton End, Stansted, Essex CM24 8UQ

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If you love good food, then you're in for a treat at the Stansted Warman's Barn. The hotel shares owners with a renowned gastropub called The Ash just over the road. The pub sources its meat from London's famous Spitalfields market and its fish from Scotland, yet everything is served fresh and beautifully prepared.

This isn't nouvelle cuisine, it's good, rustic pub grub, with a foodie twist; it's tasty and the portions are large. We had a fresh, delicious prawn cocktail wrapped in fleshy, pink salmon on a huge plate of salad and buttered bread for £13.95. Otherwise, you could have the house beef stroganoff, a mussel pot or a sirloin steak, each for less than £20.

  • The Ash pub
  • 11am to 11pm
  • Food: Monday to Thursday: 11am to 9.30am
  • Food: Friday to Sunday: noon to 2.30pm

Starters are mainly salads and seafood; most available as a main course. For dessert, you can choose either a selection of local cheeses or take your pick from the tempting options in the dessert cabinet.

The hotel does not offer a room service or a breakfast and asks you not to consume food or alcohol in your room, but you'll also find some great deals on dinner at the Ash available too.