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Don't forget that Dartford toll rates increased by 50 per cent for cars last month.

During the daytime, it now costs £1.50 for a car and £2.00 or £3.70 for a lorry, depending on its size.

People living in the Dartford and Thurrock areas can apply for a discount. This entitles them to 50 free crossings per year and a charge of 20 pence for each subsequent crossing.

DART-Tag holders will also receive discounted rates when crossing during the day. The new on-site customer centre has extended its opening hours to deal with applications for the DART-Tag, Local Resident or Vehicle Exemption schemes.

The Dartford Tunnel and QEII Bridge are free for all vehicles between 10pm and 6am.

The crossing over the Thames connects Essex and Kent and is one of Europe's busiest crossings. It is also a vital link in the M25 London orbital road.

Originally charges at Dartford were meant to end in 2003 when construction costs had been paid for. However, the Department for Transport controversially kept them on as a congestion charge.

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