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Holiday Inn Express with Jet Parks 1

You'd think a stay at the Holiday Inn Express near Manchester Airport couldn't get any more convenient if it tried, well think again. Holiday Extras have saved you searching for your Manchester airport hotel and parking separately by offering The Holiday Inn Express alongside Jet Parks 1 car park, and at a staggeringly low price. It may seem too good to be true, but with over 30 years experience we can assure you it's not.

By booking the hotel and parking deal in advance and online, not only will it secure your parking space at busy Manchester Airport but the money you can save in comparison to the on-the-day prices is quite significant.

Jet Parks 1

Once you are suitably filled up on The Holiday Inn Express free breakfast, you can set off for the Jet Parks 1 car park.

The Jet Parks 1 car park is directly opposite Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport, so only a reassuring few minutes drive from your hotel and a few minutes from the terminal doors. The car park runs transfers to the airport every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, and only take 5 minutes.

The entrance at the car park has automatic number plate recognition so as you approach the barrier will lift for you to enter. A orange token will automatically be issued. Take the token and park in any space.

If a token does not appear in the slot, scan the QR code on your confirmation, wait for a beep and a token should appear. If there is still no token, press the intercom for assistance and quote your reference number.

Do not press the green flashing button as this is for customers who've not booked.

Keep your keys safe and hop onto the transfer bus for the short, 5 minute journey to the terminal.

Upon your return, hop on the bus back to your car and at the exit simply insert your token for the barrier to lift

Holiday Inn Express with breakfast and parking at JetParks 1 room-only procedures

On the day of your stay

Drive to the Holiday Inn Express - your booking confirmation will include directions and a postcode for satnavs.

Overnight parking is £10 per car.

Getting from the hotel to the airport

Drive to the JetParks 1 car park - the journey takes around 4 minutes. Pull up to the barrier and your registration will be automatically recognised. You will be issued with a token and the barrier will raise.

Park in any space and use the car park's shuttle to the terminal. It is included in the price, takes 5-12 minutes to all terminals and runs every 15 minutes.

Coming home

Collect your luggage and take the shuttle back to the car park, which is included in the price.

Insert your token into the exit machine and the barrier will lift.