Manchester airport stops for bonfire night

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Manchester airport has announced plans to suspend operations on Saturday November 1st and Saturday November 7th 2009 between 8.15pm and 8.30pm so that neighbours can hold firework displays.

The announcement follows the publication of new guidelines on the use of fireworks close to the airport. Firework displays are popular during the summer wedding season and autumn, and can cause problems for pilots.

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The new guidelines give comprehensive advice on the types of fireworks that may be let off up to one mile; between three and five miles; and between five and ten miles from the airport. Detailed information can be found on the airport's website.

Manchester airport’s Community Relations Manager Wendy Sinfield said:

“We’re not trying to spoil anyone’s fun and we know that fireworks and displays are increasingly popular but they can be dangerous to planes. Pilots can be dazzled by unexpected displays and we want to make sure that our aircraft are safe.

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“These new rules offer very clear guidance on what people can do and we’re also suspending operations for 15 minutes on the two Saturday nights around November 5th to allow people to stage their displays.”

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