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Parking at the Clayton hotel

Get your trip off to a stress-free start with parking at the Clayton hotel. Your car will be moved to a secured compound close to the airport for the duration of your trip and brought back to the hotel in time for your return, so for this reason you'll need to leave your keys at the hotel reception.

Getting from the hotel to the airport is a breeze; the hotel runs a free, 24 hour shuttle bus to all the terminals. When you check-in be sure to book your space! If you're flying from Terminals 1 and 3, your transfer will take just 2 minutes, and to get to Terminal 2, it's a 5 minute shuttle ride. Alternately, if you're feeling energetic and light on luggage you can walk to each terminal - it's 8 minutes to Terminals 1 and 3 and 16 minutes to Terminal 2.

When you return, simply give the hotel a call (the number will be on your confirmation email) and they will arrange for the transfer bus to pick you up from the airport. Once you've collected your keys from hotel reception, you'll be able to head on home.

Clayton with secured parking room-only procedures

On the day of your stay:

  • Drive to the Clayton - your confirmation email will include driving directions and a postcode for satnavs.
  • Leave your keys at the hotel reception. That’s in case your car needs to be moved to the hotel’s secured compound if it’s busy.

Getting from the hotel to the airport:

The hotel runs a 24-hour shuttle bus, which is included in the price.

T1 & T3: 2 minutes
T2: 5 minutes

The shuttle runs every 15 minutes. Book your seat at reception when you check in.

Alternatively, you can walk to T1 and T3 in 8 minutes, and to T2 in 16 minutes. But we’d recommend taking the shuttle to avoid crossing the busy airport roads.

Coming home:

  • Collect your luggage.
  • Use the number on your confirmation email to call the hotel for the bus to pick you up.
  • Collect your keys from the hotel reception.
* Prices quoted are for stays on the 28-07-2024, valid as of 23-05-2024