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Hemel Hempstead Road, Redbourn, Hertfordshire, AL3 7AF

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(3 star hotel)
including 8 days parking
6 miles
from the airport
82 105 8/10
customer rating

Park on-site and in safety

Just because you’re in the countryside, it doesn’t mean there aren’t facilities for you to park your car while you’re away. The Aubrey Park Hotel has plenty of secured parking and offers packages for you to leave your car at the hotel while you’re away.

The hotel has 150 parking spaces within the grounds, with security lighting and CCTV. You will need to pay the hotel for any extra days parking you need that you don’t pay for in advance.

Airparks Luton

If you’d rather make a quick getaway when you get back from your holiday, we can offer a package that includes a stay at The Aubrey Park Hotel along with parking at Airparks Luton, close to the airport. Airparks is protected by CCTV, entry and exit barriers, a fence and floodlighting, and is patrolled 24 hours a day. There are free, 24-hour transfers to the terminal and back that run roughly every 10 minutes and take less then 15 minutes to get to the airport.

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 18-08-2024, valid as of 14-06-2024