Bars at the Travelodge at Liverpool Airport

1 Speke Hall Avenue, Speke, Liverpool, Merseyside L24 1UX

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What more do you need than a good bar and a table?

The Liverpool Travelodge has a lounge in the lobby that serves drinks. It’s not much more than a few tables and chairs with a bar, but it is fairly well stocked and perfectly pleasant. The informal atmosphere means you can comfortably enjoy a beer while your kids have a soft drink. You’ll find the bartender will be the same person who was manning reception when you checked in, and there may be a short wait while they divide their time.

A good range of drinks for you and the kids

    Lounge Bar

  • 24 hours

The bar offers a fair range of drinks. There’s Heineken, John Smith’s and Fosters on tap, with a selection of imported and domestic bottled beers as well. All the usual spirits are available and there are soft drinks from Coke in glass bottles to cans of Red Bull. If you feel like more than tea upstairs, there’s a vending machine by the lifts, which isn’t too expensive.