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(4 star hotel)
including 8 days parking
4 miles
from the airport
84 2010 8/10
customer rating

Parking couldn't be easier

There are several parking options at the Gatwick Copthorne. You can park on-site at the hotel, which is the simplest option. When you're ready to leave for the airport, simply jump onto the shuttle bus. Transfers from the hotel to Gatwick airport run from 4.27am to 12.27am every 60 minutes. The bus stops at the South terminal first, and then on to the North terminal which takes around five minutes.

Alternatively you could select the low-cost parking at Airparks package. This is a fully secured car park, just three miles from the airport. You'll need to take your car to Airparks and drop it off on the morning of your flight. The Airparks shuttle bus will then take you to Gatwick airport free of charge. Transfers take 10 minutes to the North terminal and 15 minutes to the South terminal.

Or you could select Official Long Stay North or South. With this package you get to park your car and keep the keys, giving you peace of mind. This car park has even won awards for its security.

Copthorne with parking at the hotel room-only procedures

On the day of your stay

Drive to the Copthorne - your booking confirmation will include directions and a postcode for satnavs.

Park in the hotel car park and head inside to check in.

You'll need to leave your keys and sign a waiver as your car may need to be moved during busy times.

Getting from the hotel to the airport

The hotel is 10-15 minutes from the North and South Terminals by taxi. Taxis cost around £12 per car when booked at reception with the hotel's preferred firm.

Coming home

A taxi back to the hotel will cost around £12. Make sure you use United Taxis as they are partners of the hotel, as it may cost more if you use another taxi firm.

When you're back, collect your keys from the hotel's reception desk.

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 18-08-2024, valid as of 16-06-2024