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A relaxing night at the Novotel

The Birmingham Novotel is located directly opposite the Birmingham International Airport terminal, there is no need to worry about airport transfers as you can walk across the road to the main terminal to check in for your morning flight.

If you are being dropped off at the airport or are travelling to Birmingham Airport via public transport, this hotel is ideal.

Take it easy when you have a morning flight from Birmingham Airport and stay at the Novotel Hotel - the prices when you book with Holiday Extras are attractive and your booking can include eight or 15 days parking at Airparks.

Airparks is an off-site car park . You drive your car to Airparks after you check-in at the Birmingham Airport Novotel. Airparks will drop you back to the airport which is just a short walk back to the hotel.

Room at the Birmingham Novotel Hotel with up to 15 days holiday parking from £90*

*Please note:This price is correct for bookings searched on March 12, 2009. Prices are subject to change. Book the Birmingham Novotel Hotel in advance to get the best price and availability.