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3 Star Airport hotels

Imagine hitting the snooze button on the morning of flight. Sounds fantastic doesn't it? Well if you check into an airport hotel the night before your flight, you can snooze for an extra hour and wake up minutes from the airport. Cut out the tired early morning drive and treat yourself to a lie in with a hotel at the airport. With our superb prices on 3-star hotels, you'd be mad not to take our advice.

We've been selling airport hotels for 25 years, so we know a thing or two about getting your holiday off to a smooth start. We highly recommend pre-booking an airport hotel for your holiday. We have great offers on 3-star hotels at every major UK airport.

Pre-booking an airport hotel is the perfect way to start your holiday early. Arrive in your own time and start relaxing a day before you fly. Make use of some of the superb leisure facilities available at our 3-star hotels or grab a bite to eat in the hotel restaurant.

Holiday Extras is the UK market leader for airport hotels; we offer the best products, the best service and most importantly, great low prices. We helped over 5.3 million travellers get their holiday off to a great start last year, so why not let us help yours?

Airport Hotels

Why pre-book a 3-star airport hotel?

1. A stress-free start to your holiday, no tiring drive on the morning of your flight
2. Wake up minutes from the airport and leisurely transfer to check-in
3. Start your holiday a day early and take advantage of the hotel's leisure facilities
4. KIDS EAT FREE at many of our airport hotels
5. Add a breakfast or dinner package to your booking for a discounted price
5. Hotel-with-parking prices are £15 cheaper than last year
6. Our undercover hotels offer rooms with parking from just £43
7. Frequent hotel transfers take you directly to the terminal, hassle-free
8. Nearly all our hotels are either on-site at the airport or within just 15 mins drive
9. At some Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester hotels you can walk to departures

Top tip

Pre-book your 3-star airport hotel for a great low price with Holiday Extras. We have 3-star hotels at every major airport, including Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester and Stansted. Hotel prices are like airline prices; as availability decreases, prices will rise. Our cancellation waiver option means you can cancel at any time for only £2.49.

What do we offer?

3-star airport hotel packages
We have a variety of 3-star hotel packages for you to choose from. Getting a lift to the airport? Why not make use of our room-only packages? Stay the night before you flight and catch a quick transfer bus to the airport in the morning.

Driving to the airport?
If you need a hotel-with-parking, look no further than Holiday Extras. We have 3-star hotels with on-airport parking, off-airport parking, valet parking or with a Meet and Greet service. What's more, our hotel-with-parking packages are £15 cheaper than last year.

Want to save some money?
Try our Undercover 3-star hotels. What is an undercover hotel I hear you say? It's a secret hotel. We tell you the star rating of our incredibly low undercover hotels, but we keep the names a secret until after you’ve booked. Prices start from as little as £43 for room-only at Heathrow airport and a unbeatable room-only price of just £79 at Gatwick airport.

Top brands
If you prefer a top hotel brand; we've got Hilton, Intercontinental (Holiday Inn), Accor ( Novatel, Ibis), Marriott, Radisson, Ramada Jarvis, Thistle, Travelodge, Travel Inn, and many more.

airport hotel brands

Gatwick airport hotels

We have nine 3-star hotels at Gatwick airport.

Heathrow airport hotels

We have ten 3-star hotels at Heathrow airport