Look Down From the World's Tallest Waterfall: Angel Falls

An adventure seekers dream come true.

Three times as tall as Paris' famous Eiffel Tower, Angel Falls is an awe-inspiring and impressive sight. From below, see the water plummet downwards, creating a magical mist over the rocks before you take a refreshing swim in the pools that form at the base of the waterfall. From above, with Canaima National Park stretching into the distance, the deafening noise of Angel Falls tumbling from the mountainside, and the sense of achievement that comes from reaching the summit, the view is simply breathtaking.

An Angel Falls Adventure

Angel Falls

Located in Venezuela, South America, Angel Falls takes its name from the American aviator Jimmy Angel who discovered it in 1937. He was searching the area for gold and crash landed his plane on a table-top mountain in Canaima National Park, stumbling upon what was then known by the local Pemon Indians as Parekupa-meru which translates to 'waterfall of the deepest place'.

Settled deep in Canaima National Park, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, Angel Falls is a place that definitely requires getting in touch with your adventurous side. Prepare for a flight into Canaima, a five or six hour river journey to the base of Angel Falls, then some hiking through the dense jungle to the top of Auyan Tepui, the table-top mountain where, from a cleft near the summit, Angel Falls cascades for over 800 metres into the Devil's Canyon below.

It's a remote travel experience where you'll never really have to worry about a crowd of other tourists who clearly had the same idea as you spoiling your snaps. So you can enjoy the dizzying views laid out before you: the lush, green jungle, the mysterious, rugged mountains and, of course, the majestic, mesmerising Angel Falls.

When To Visit Angel Falls

Angel Falls

Contrary to many other travel experiences, visiting Angel Falls is best done in wet season which, in Venezuela, falls between May and September. Mountain waterfalls are fed by rain so visiting outside of wet season could see you embarking on the Venezuelan adventure of a lifetime, only to find that Angel Falls is little more than a trickle of water on a very high mountain. It's during this rainy season that Angel Falls creates its own weather, leaving mist on your skin from as far away as 1km.

As visiting Angel Falls is less of a sun-filled, beach-focussed holiday and more of an adventure to a summit where, as you take your first look over the waterfall, you'll feel that brilliant mixture of exhaustion and elation, it's advisable to pack hiking boots, quick-dry clothing, rain-protection, a torch and, as you'll spending most of your time in a rainforest, insect repellent.

Another Awesome Way to Experience Angel Falls

Angel Falls

Standing on top of a mountain in the heart of a Venezuelan jungle with the world's tallest waterfall tumbling beneath you, you might think your bucket list item couldn't get any better. Unless, that is, you book a flight over Angel Falls, an option offered by many companies running excursions to the falls and surrounding areas. Fly over ancient mountains, Devil's Canyon, and the magnificent Angels Falls and make your trip to Venezuela even more memorable.

Visiting Angel Falls is an adventure of a lifetime. Add it to your bucket list and get ready to be blown away; this waterfall's going to have you showing off your holiday snaps for years to come.

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