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Teesside Airport Hotels Upgrades

teesside hote upgrades

Our brilliant range of Teesside airport hotel upgrades can make your stay more memorable and save you time, hassle and money. Book your Teesside airport hotel with® today, save up to 40 per cent on the standard price and take advantage of our upgrades.

What upgrades are available?

There's many ways to make the start of your holiday more enjoyable and stress-free with our varied range of add-ons. Whether you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast or avoid the crowds at the airport before your flight, we've got a solution.

Why fly hungry? has paired up with the St George hotel to offer guests a hearty English breakfast for only £10 per person. Start your day with a delicious meal and fill up before your flight.

teesside airport lounges

Want a safe way to carry money abroad? The fantastic FairFX pre-paid currency card is the safest, most efficient way to carry money abroad. The card works just like a debit card and is free with when you top it up with £10 worth of currency. Offering competitive exchange rates and with no transaction fees, this card could be the best value upgrade you buy.

Where can I escape the airport crowds? Avoid the busy airport terminal by booking the Servisair executive lounge. You’ll be able to relax and unwind for up to three hours before your flight and take advantage of the complimentary drinks, snacks, newspapers and magazines.