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Luton Airport Hotels FAQs

The Hilton Garden Inn Luton airport

This page aims to answer all of the most popular questions our customers have about hotels at Luton airport. Of course, if we can't help you here simply contact us.

Will it be a problem if I exceed my eight/15 days’ parking package?
No, not at all. The hotel or car park you’ve left your vehicle with will happily look after your car until you come back. You'll also be able to pay for the extra days' parking at either the hotel or car park when you return.

Can I book a Luton airport hotel at short notice?
With most of our hotels at Luton airport, it's not a problem if you want to make your booking on the same day you check-in. We can send you a confirmation email within 10 minutes, so you’ll be booked in no time at all. We'll contact the hotel and make all the arrangements. All you need to do is take the confirmation or booking reference to the hotel with you.

Can I cancel my hotel booking?
Yes, there’s no problem with you cancelling your hotel booking. If you book over the phone within our office hours, you’ll automatically have until 11pm that day to cancel and obtain a full refund. Just in case you made a mistake or change your mind. With any booking you can cancel up until 24 hours before your stay, but you will have to pay a £15 cancellation fee. To avoid this fee you can take out our airport cancellation protection for just £2.49. This allows you to get a full refund on your booking up until 24 hours before your stay.

Do you take full payment at the time of booking?
Yes, we do take full payment when you make your booking. If you're worried that you may need to cancel, please see above information on the options you have.

Can I stay at the hotel the night after my flight and not before, but still use a Luton parking package?
Yes, most hotels at Luton airport selling a parking package will allow you to park in the hotel's own car park or off-site car park at the start of your trip, and then stay overnight in the hotel on your return. All you need to do is either contact us or make an airport hotels search on our homepage and select the 'On my return from holiday' option under the 'Hotel stay for 1 night' box.