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Rome Departures

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10 flights leaving on 13/06/21
Flight Departure Terminal
FR2672 13/06/21 06:25
FR9432 13/06/21 06:50 1
FR3204 13/06/21 07:15 3
AA6719 13/06/21 08:20 5
BA548 13/06/21 08:20 5
AZ203 13/06/21 11:55 2
CZ7371 13/06/21 11:55 2
MU8940 13/06/21 11:55 2
AZ205 13/06/21 17:00 2
FR3004 13/06/21 17:35

Rome Fiumicino

As the centre of the legendary Roman empire, Rome is the historical focus and meeting point of Italy and Europe. If you fly into Rome from Fiumicino airport, you’ll have direct access to the city centre by train.

The allure of this ancient city is too strong to ignore

As Italy’s capital and the largest, most populated city, Rome is a very attractive and leading holiday destination. From wine and fine dining to relaxing with a walk along the River Tiber at any time of day, the city has plenty to offer for everyone. To find out more about the long history of Rome, visit one of the many museums and art galleries around the Modern Centre and Old Town.

Rome is served by two airports, and you don’t need any special visas to make the trip.

Top 10 Rome tourist spots

There’s so much to see and do in Rome that you might not have time for everything - but the sights you’ll take in will always be stunning. Pick one, some or all of these suggestions:

  1. Admire the Spanish Steps - or climb them if you feel energetic
  2. Drop a coin into the Trevi Fountain and make a wish
  3. Take in the Pantheon’s period architecture
  4. Visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Il Vittoriano
  5. Head to Vatican City and admire the Sistine Chapel
  6. See the old gladiator arena in the Colosseum
  7. Get a taste for power and politics at the Roman Forum
  8. Sample gelato at a café in St. Peter’s Square
  9. Walk through the Historic Centre - which is a World Heritage Site
  10. Climb Palatine Hill for a better look at the city and countryside

Top 5 ways to experience traditional Rome

The mix of cultural heritage and the modern, cosmopolitan Italian lifestyle creates a unique experience in Rome, no matter which area you visit. Why not try some of these holiday ideas?

  1. Browse the vintage and design shops on Via Serpenti
  2. Explore the city’s catacombs and aqueducts
  3. Try a rustic trattoria for delicious home-style cuisine
  4. Pick up a bargain at one of the many street markets
  5. Revisit the Colosseum for a night at the opera