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Coventry airport hotels upgrades

Never beaten on price

With® you can book a relaxing night stay at our Coventry airport hotel and then enhance your stay by adding one of our Coventry airport hotels upgrades that will make your stay that bit more comfortable, relaxing and stress-free.

What upgrades are available?

If you’ve already booked a room at the Chace Hotel then you're well on your way to starting your holiday without the hassle of an early morning start. But with a Coventry airport hotels upgrade, you can enhance your stay by adding a continental breakfast for just £6.95 or a full English breakfast for £10.95, so you can enjoy a filling hotel breakfast before your flight. You can even live in luxury by ordering room service at this impressive 3-star hotel.

When booking a stay at the Chace hotel, you can choose either a room-only booking, or a parking package booking. With this parking upgrade you can take away the added stress of arranging a safe place to leave your car while you’re away. Simply drive to the hotel, enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep, and take one of the free 24 hour a day transfers to the airport, without having to worry about the hassle and cost of airport parking.

Other upgrades available...
  • • Worried about getting stuck in traffic? The Traffic Assistant service costs just £1 per text and send traffic updates directly to your mobile - perfect for making sure you avoid those dreaded traffic jams and the stress that comes with them.
  • • The FairFX prepaid currency card is one of the simplest and safest ways of carrying out transactions abroad because it’s a prepaid Mastercard with the safety of chip and pin, working just like a debit card. With competitive withdrawal charges and exchange rates, plus the ability to load the card with any currency you want, the FairFX card is a safe bet when it comes to money transactions abroad. What's more if you book with and load it with £10 of your chosen currency, we'll give you the card for free.
  • • Remembering to arrange your holiday insurance before you go away is very important, and you can do it all here at When booking your Coventry airport hotel stay, why not check out our insurance deals too? There are a range of holiday insurance packages, including Worldwide and European Insurance cover for up to ten days. Pre-booking with will leave you safe in the knowledge that you and your family are totally covered for your trip.

Why should I pre-book Coventry airport hotels upgrades?

By booking a Coventry airport hotels upgrade in advance with, you’ll be saving much more than if you leave it until the last minute. We can even assure you the best deal around with our Best Price Guarantee. Not only that, but pre-booking will also mean you safely secure the ideal room and upgrades for you at our Coventry airport hotel.