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What is a Bank Holiday?

The terms 'public holiday' and 'bank holiday' are often confused. A bank holiday will be referred to as a public holiday and vice versa, despite it being incorrect.

Bank Holiday

Bank holidays are recognised in the Bank Holiday Act 1871 as holidays when banks and many other businesses are closed for the day.

Public Holiday

Public holidays are holidays that have been observed through common law and Royal proclamation, i.e Christmas Day and Good Friday. These days are not recognised in the Bank Holiday Act 1871.

If a bank holiday is on a weekend, a substitute weekday becomes a bank holiday, normally the following Monday.

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UK Bank Holidays

It’s January, the last few needles from the Christmas tree have been hoovered up, New Years Resolutions are well underway, (or if we’re honest, have fallen by the wayside,) so now what? You’re back at work wondering when the next bank holiday is.

It’s fair to say, you’re not alone. It’s only natural to look forward to the next bank holiday, especially as bank holiday weekends generally bring some form of celebration. Events are held, people head out and about and they’re a great excuse for people to jet off on holiday.

With over 40 national holidays in the UK calendar there’s never too long to wait before the next celebration.

Easter Bank Holiday

Steeped with history and tradition, Easter weekend is a well-celebrated holiday in the UK. With many of us enjoying Good Friday and Easter Monday off, it’s one of the busiest times for UK holidaymakers, roads are inevitably busy. A whopping 18 million Brits travelled on the roads over Easter weekend in 2014.

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May Bank Holidays

It's comforting to know there are two bank holiday Mondays in May, aptly named: ‘early May bank holiday’ and ‘late May bank holiday.’

Early May bank holiday, also known as ‘May Day’ is a celebration of Spring. Outdoor festivities take place around the UK and as Winter is a distant memory, people start to jet off overseas, with low budget airlines expecting numbers over 450,000 just over the bank holiday weekends.

August Bank Holidays

Of course this is also the case throughout the Summer months. Jet setters flock to the airport and those taking a holiday in the UK, take to the roads. There is an August bank holiday to take advantage of, which again sees a massive bank holiday exodus.

A whopping 44% of the country made their way to the beach for the August bank holiday last year.

Christmas bank holidays

As the nights draw in, Daylight Saving takes effect and the days are shorter. You’re spooked by the realisation that it’s a long stint now until Christmas, (or maybe it was the Halloween ghosts.) Guy Fawkes will keep the sparks flying until the festivities begin.

Christmas is another busy time for airports. Be it to visit friends and family or just to escape to sunnier climes, airports are seeing record numbers traveling abroad for a Christmas holiday.

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Is Boxing Day a bank holiday?

Christmas bank holidays can often cause a little confusion, with people unsure which of the celebrated days over the Christmas period are bank holiday entitlements.

If Boxing Day falls on a Saturday, the following Monday is a bank holiday. If Christmas Day falls on a Saturday, the following Monday and Tuesday are bank holidays.

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