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The worst airport parking in the world

Booking rogue airport parking carries a selection of risks

We've probably all heard of someone that has suffered at the hands of rogue airport parking traders; those car park 'proprietors' that park cars for next to nothing while their trusting owners make their way to sunnier climes. But how much of a problem with airport parking is there, and how much is urban myth?

A quick Google search and the extent of the problem becomes clear. Forums, blogs and chatrooms abound with reports of stolen cars, scratched bodywork, unauthorised vehicle use and more. Add to the equation the ease with which a legitimate looking website can be set up to take a booking and the problems are manifold.

Investigations into rogue airport parking operators have been carried out in recent years by such media giants as the BBC and Sky News. And, since such horror stories continue to populate the web, it is perhaps no surprise that travellers are somewhat reticent about booking airport parking.

After all, how can you tell who to trust in these days of rogue traders looking to make a quick buck? It will come as a relief to know that there is one name in whom travellers can put their faith.

Who to trust?

Great service and great value for money are the hallmarks of booking with Holiday Extras

It's not by luck that Holiday Extras is the UK market leader in travel add-ons. We know that customers booking airport parking are looking for great value, secured airport parking. In fact, with so many years' experience, we also know that our customers want more than just great value for money; a large proportion of customers are looking complete peace of mind. Knowing that their vehicle is well looked after during a holiday can help travellers truly unwind and free them from unnecessary worries while abroad. That's why we work tirelessly to ensure that our entire product range complements the needs of our customers.

From on-airport parking just minutes from the terminal, to Meet and Greet services enabling you to drop off your car at the airport and have it waiting for you on arrival, Holiday Extras can provide a host of parking services. What's more, security is foremost in our thoughts when we provide airport parking. No matter what the price of parking, there is no fear of scrimping on the levels of security. In fact, many of the car parks used and operated by Holiday Extras are recipients of the industry-recognised Park Mark.

So next time you're part of a conversation bemoaning shoddy airport traders, remember the virtues of airport parking with Holiday Extras: safe, secured and great value for money.