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Park Mark®

A symbol of security

Leaving your car in the hands of others involves a great degree of trust. As you head off to foreign lands, the least of your worries should be that your vehicle is being shuttled from pillar to post and left in compromised locations within the grasp of nimble fingered thieves. But how can you ensure greater peace of mind?

The industry-recognised Park Mark® is the answer to your prayers. An initiative of the Associations of Chief Police Officers, it is aimed at reducing the fear of crime at parking facilities. Managed by the British Parking Association and supported by the Home Office and Scottish Government, Park Mark® represents the standard for safer parking.

More than 3,700 car parks throughout the UK have been awarded the Park Mark®, with 134 car parking products offered by Holiday Extras having been recognised.

What does a Park Mark® represent?

  • A car park has been vetted by the police to ensure it is fully secured.
  • Measures have been taken to deter anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.
  • The site receives expert consultation from development mangers to help keep security up to a high standard.
  • The site belongs to a nationwide scheme dedicated to combating crime and raising standards for public services.

Remember to look out for the Park Mark® symbol when booking your airport parking. Alternatively, visit and enter your car parking location to discover whether or not it has received the award.