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Airport Lounges

Airport lounges can be a little intimidating for those passengers who may not have visited before. The Airport lounges we have available for booking today are accessible to all passengers flying from the airport for up to three hours prior to departure.

The Airport Lounges are available to all flying customers, so which ever class you are flying you can book yourself in to any lounge and enjoy the time before your flight.

You will receive all the lounge benefits for the duration of your stay and not have to spend on snacks and drinks while you wait!

Choose from a selection of lounges in a number of UK airports, for example Bristol airport lounges, Glasgow airport lounges,Heathrow airport lounges and Manchester airport lounges.

Why choose an Airport Lounge?

  • If your flights are business related, lounges are definitely worth considering.
  • Airport lounges are a perfect haven before a flight and you can stay in your chosen airport lounge at least 3 hours before your flight and during delays, no-matter how long.
  • Most airport lounges have high-speed internet access, fax, telephones and even conference rooms. Turn your waiting period into constructive time in quiet seclusion.
  • Airport lounges are much cheaper than generally thought and can let you make much better use of your time at an airport.
  • Airport executive lounges are often seen as a bit of an extravagance but take a look at our excellent prices and you will see how affordable they really are.
  • The frantic, bustling environment of a busy airport is quite an unpleasant experience for many people. To escape into a quiet, relaxed lounge can be a huge relief and a far more enjoyable way to spend your waiting time.
  • Relax before your flight, put your feet up and enjoy a newspaper or magazine with a courtesy tea or coffee.
  • When waits for a flight are sometimes at least 3 hours, a lounge is a very favourable option.
  • Start your holiday as you mean to continue; stress-free and with a smile on your face!

Where can I book an airport lounge?

You can book an executive airport lounge on line with Holiday Extras®; just enter your requirements in the 'airport lounges ' box at the top of this page. We offer lounges at all the major UK airports such as the airport lounge Gatwick and Manchester. Holiday Extras even offer airport lounges at smaller more regional airports such as the Newcastle Servisair airport lounge and the Humberside Servisair airport lounge.

Lounge Bookings for 20 people or more visit our Group Bookings page for extra discounted rates