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Lounges at Airports

Have you ever wondered how the other half live?
Surely not everyone queues and has to scrabble for a seat on the airport concourse?
Why are there fewer and fewer chairs available once through the departure gate?
Why can't I just rest my feet before boarding my flight?

Well....the answer is you can rest your feet, discover how the other half live, find a seat and avoid the queues. All with one simple decision! Airport Lounges are widely available to everyone who wants a bit of relaxation time before a flight. There is nothing worse than boarding a flight with lots of pent-up frustration!

Prices start from just £13.50 per person and include all drinks and snacks, all that is, except champagne which carrys an small extra charge! You can enter your lounge of choice up to three hours before your departure, regardless of your ticket type, economy to first class, we do not discriminate!

Each lounge at airports across the UK offer slightly different perks...take a look at the lounge which would be most convenient for your next flight. You will be amazed at what you can be treated too!

Lounge Bookings for 20 people or more visit our Group Bookings page for extra discounted rates