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London Road, Markyate Hertfordshire, AL3 8HH

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(4 star hotel)
including 8 days parking
6 miles
from the airport
84 261 8/10
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Our closest hotel to Airparks.

Airparks Luton

To get to airparks from the hotel turn right out of the hotel onto the A5. At the traffic lights, turn right onto the B4540 Luton Road, which is signposted Luton. Carry on into Slip End. At the traffic lights, turn left onto Grove Road. You will see Airparks on your left.

Drive into the car park - the barrier will open automatically - and park in one of the numbered arrivals lanes. Make a note of the lane number. Then unload your luggage and make your way into the check-in building in front of you. Head to one of the automated check-in machines and follow the instructions. Airparks parks your car for you, so you leave your car key with them. The machine will give you a key tag, which you'll need to attach to your car key, and a ticket so you can collect your key when you come back. Once you've put the key tag on your key, just drop it in the blue box to the right of the check-in building, in the slot for your lane number. Then hop on the transfer bus and head to the terminal.

Transfers run 24 hours a day, every 20 minutes, and takes just nine minutes. Transfers are included in the price. Your car key is the only one you need to leave with Airparks, so you should take all your other keys off your keyring before you leave home.

Holiday Inn M1 J9 with parking at Airparks room-only procedures

On the day of your stay:

Drive to the hotel, check in and stay the night. Overnight parking is included.

We'll give you full directions to the hotel in your confirmation email.

Getting from the hotel to the airport:

Drive from the hotel to Airparks, 5-10 minutes away. When you reach the car park find a space in the arrival lane. Remember to take note of your lane number.

Check in using one of the self-service machines, and you'll be given a ticket which you'll need keep hold of until you return. You'll also receive a tag which you need to attach to your keys.

Drop your keys into the key-drop box outside reception make sure you put them in the correct box for your lane number and catch the shuttle bus to the terminal.

The bus runs every 20 minutes and takes about 14 to reach the terminal.

Coming home:

[date from=2018-7-16 to=2018-7-29]The shuttle buses back to the car park leave from the bay marked M or 16.[/date] [date from=2018-7-30 to=2018-9-11]The shuttle buses back to the car park leave from bay 4.[/date] [date from=2018-9-12 to=2100-7-29]The shuttle buses back to the car park leave from bay R.[/date] You'll need to show the ticket you were given at check-in to the driver. Once you're back at the car park, head to the check-out shelter and follow the instructions on the key dispenser â€' it will return your keys and tell you where your car is parked.

On your way out just insert your ticket into the exit barrier and wait for it to lift. Don't worry if you lose your ticket, just take your photo ID to reception and answer some security questions.

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 18-10-2020, valid as of 15-08-2020