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Thomas Cook Airlines has added more flights to its most popular services out of Leeds Bradford International airport (LBIA).

This season holiday-makers looking for some late summer sun can take advantage of additional flights to Majorca, Malaga and Larnaca.

Frank Pullman, Managing Director of Thomas Cook Airlines, said:

Thomas Cook Airlines

“Holidays abroad have proven to be as popular as ever amongst those who have chosen to travel from Leeds Bradford International Airport. With an aircraft based at the airport, it has enabled us to be more flexible so that we can add flights where we feel there is sufficient customer demand.”

The airline operates an Airbus A320 from LBIA which caters for 180 passengers. Airport hotelThomas Cook Airlines expects to carry 70,000 travellers this summer to destinations including Alicante, Rhodes and Dalaman. Thomas Cook has a total of 42 planes based at 11 airports in the UK.

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