Number-plate recognition at the Park Inn Hotel

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Innovative technology has been put in place at the Park Inn Hotel.

Travellers booking a room at the Park Inn Hotel at Heathrow Airport are set to enjoy a warm welcome from the most unlikely source.

A recently installed license plate recognition barrier will greet those customers who pre-booked their car parking space with a 'Welcome' message upon arrival. The initiative eliminates the need for customers to take a ticket and subsequently validate their ticket upon return.

In order to take advantage of the system, customers must ensure that they supply their car registration at the time of booking.

The Park Inn Hotel represents the perfect base from which to begin a holiday from Heathrow. Here you will have the chance to enjoy a relaxing night's sleep before you fly, with any potential delays associated with travelling to your airport on the day of departure avoided.

Guests at the 4-star hotel can also take advantage of our new inclusive breakfast package.

Room at the Heathrow Park Inn Hotel with up to eight days holiday parking from £92.83*

*Please note: This price is correct for bookings searched on July 29, 2008. Prices are subject to change. Book the Heathrow Park Inn Hotel in advance to get the best price and availability.