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All that playing works up an appetite

If there's one thing you'll not struggle to find at the Holiday Heathrow Inn M4 J4, it's a variety of exotic food! From fish pie or a good steak to Chinese Dim Sum, you'll find it all at one of the hotel's two restaurants.

The Rotisserie restaurant

The Rotisserie restaurant is spacious and quite chic, but still informal. The menu ranges from British meat, including Blythburgh pork and herb sausages and slow-braised beef, to more exotic dishes such as fajitas or lamb dhansak. Starters include calamari and Italian antipasti. For dessert, you could try a rocky road sundae, chocolate honeycomb cheesecake or the old favourite profiteroles. Children under 13 eat free and the kids' menu offers healthy, child-friendly dishes like fish fingers, cottage pie and tomato pasta.

Rotisserie restaurant

  • Breakfast: 6am to 10.30am
  • (6.30am to 11am on weekends)

  • Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm

Sampans restaurant

  • Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm

Sampans restaurant

If you're in the mood for something exotic, the elegant Sampans restaurant serves a huge variety of Asian cuisine from seven different cultures: Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian, Sri Lankan, Thai and Vietnamese. Start with small dishes like chicken satay, duck spring rolls or a range of dim sum, including char sui buns and dumplings. After, tuck into massaman curry, steamed seabass or chicken yakitori, with udon noodles, pak choi, asparagus with ginger or egg-fried rice. The restaurant’s desserts include cheesecake and chocolate pudding, and the wine list is extensive.

At lunchtimes, the hotel's Lounge bar serves a range of simple meals, including burgers, deli food and hot sandwiches. If you'd rather stay in your comfy room, the hotel offers a 24-hour room service, so just order something up.

We were told the hotel we originally booked was being refurbished so an alternative was offered which we accepted. We recived a email with directions. We were given the wrong post code so we spent an hour going round In circles.
When we finally arrived etc ghe hotel we explained to reception what had happened ,but the girl wasn't very apologetic. We then asked about the hopper bus for the morning transfer to be told probably not best to rely on that and to book a taxi which cost £25 pounds for a 10 minute trip. We decided on this option as we couldn't risk the hopper not turning up.
When we returned we waited for the hopper bus for 1 hour after which we gave up and got into a taxi. This costing £15 pounds?
Based on this experience we will not use this hotel again.

Mr Bastable (Heathrow Holiday Inn M4 J4)

Parking was unclear both and leaving, especially in the dark
Room was too hot and temperature couldn’t be changed, needed to contact a remote team to sort it
Zero sound proofing either, with noise from other rooms lasting way into the morning
On site food was poor quality, and we’re reasonably confident made us unwell
Desk staff were lovely, apologetic, and helpful

Mr Boswell (Heathrow Holiday Inn M4 J4)

Very friendly staff, good food in the restaurant at a decent price. Transfer easy and bed was remarkably comfortable. No noise from aircraft in and out of Heathrow. Would definitely use again.

Mr Cundy (Heathrow Holiday Inn M4 J4)

Hotel room we were given was not made up and had not been cleaned if bed linen changed from the previous guests. We were moved fairly promptly but not a good start and the room was in need of repair

Mr Lowe (Heathrow Holiday Inn M4 J4)

Hotel room we were given was not made up and had not been cleaned if bed linen changed from the previous guests. We were moved fairly promptly but not a good start and the room was in need of repair

Mr Lowe (Heathrow Holiday Inn M4 J4)

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Overall rating: 86% by 1116 guests


The smell of freshly-cooked bacon and eggs wafts from the Rotisserie restaurant as early as 6am during the week, and from 6.30am on weekends. Its buffet selection of continental and cooked items, as well as fruit, yoghurts, fruit juices, tea and coffee, is bound to set you right for the day. Especially as you can save £4.50 by booking your breakfast as an add-on with us.

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 25-08-2024, valid as of 22-06-2024