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Grab a bite to eat during your stay

In the interest of offering you the lowest prices the Heathrow airport Easyhotel doesn’t have its own restaurant or bar. There are plenty of excellent eateries nearby and the hotel does have a vending machine full of tasty hot and cold snacks, so you certainly won’t go hungry.

It means you get top-class comfort at a budget price and with London so close you can have a world-class dining experience too.

Top London Restaurants

  • Fish Club
  • Hawksmoor Seven Dials
  • Dishoom
  • Dinings
  • Bistro Bruno Loubet

Top tip

For a really delicious dinner treat why not head into London. Our ‘Surrounding Area’ page has some great ideas on places to eat and ways to enjoy what the capital has to offer. Getting into London couldn't be easier, from any of the terminals the Heathrow Express and the Underground's Piccadilly line will whisk you into the city in no time at all.

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 16-06-2024, valid as of 17-04-2024