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If you leave your booking for a Heathrow Airport hotel right up until the last minute you might be lucky but you may easily be disappointed.

When you make a last minute hotel booking the prices tend to be higher than when you book in advance. Plan ahead and book your airport hotel with Holiday Extras for excellent discounted rates.

If you are flying from Heathrow during the next few months we've got some really good deals on offer.

Room at the 4 star Heathrow Crowne Plaza with up to eight days holiday parking from £89*.

Room at the 4 star Novotel from £49*.

A 4-star Undercover Hotel (the name of the hotel is a secret until you receive your booking confirmation) can be booked from only £79 and that's including up to fifteen days parking.

*Please note: These prices are correct for bookings searched on February 10, 2009. Prices are subject to change. Book your Heathrow airport hotel in advance to get the best price and availability.