Kenyan choir sign record deal at Heathrow

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In one of the more unusual events to take place at Heathrow Airport, the Boys Choir of Kenya were to be found in the departure lounge of Terminal 4 signing a recording contract with the world's largest record label, Universal Music.

The deal was signed as the choir were en route back to Kenya following their performance in Washington D.C. for the celebrations of Barack Obama's presidential inauguration.

The unusual signing was triggered by Universal Music's A&R manager Tom Lewis being tipped off by an industry source and the viewing of their performance on YouTube. Within 48 hours he had finalised a contract and went to meet them off their plane as they transferred in London between Washington D.C. and Nairobi.

"The choir have already take the US by storm," says Tom. "Their sound is amazing and when I saw them on YouTube, I knew they could light up the world. You can't help but smile when you hear them sing."

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