Edinburgh Airport gets major facelift

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Edinburgh Hilton

Edinburgh Airport is set to undergo a major redevelopment that aims to transform it into one of Europe's most modern hubs in international travel.

The move by BAA will also have a significant effect on employment in the city, with approximately 200 jobs in the construction and retail sectors to be supported or created as a result of the development.

The company, which also owns Aberdeen and Glasgow airports, is to invest £40 million on a major terminal extension that will increase capacity in the terminal, provide a new purpose-built security screening area, and offer passengers a wider choice of shops, bars and restaurants. Upon completion, it is anticipated that the airport will be capable of handling up to 13 million passengers per year.

Managing director of Edinburgh Airport, Gordon Dewar, believes that the investment will go far in transforming Edinburgh into one of Europe's leading airports.

"This BAA investment is a significant vote of confidence in Edinburgh Airport. It will help stimulate the local economy and create or support hundreds of jobs at what is obviously a difficult time for the airline industry and for the wider economy.

"The terminal at Edinburgh Airport is now at capacity, so we face a choice - we either develop the airport in a responsible, sustainable manner, or risk Edinburgh falling behind other European cities by allowing our competitors airport to take the lead.

"This investment will create a modern, well-equipped terminal providing state of the art security, more space to relax and a wider choice of bars, shops and restaurants for our passengers. More importantly, it will ensure that when the economy recovers, as it will, Scotland's busiest airport is well placed to compete with Europe's biggest and best airports."

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