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customer rating
  • Friendly helpful staff. Very smooth operation. Highly recommended.

    Mrs Smith 30 Jun, 2015

  • Excellent service, pleasant staff easy both for departure and arrival

    Mrs Appleyard 14 Jun, 2015

  • facilities were exactly as described and staff extremely helpful

    Mr Carter 15 Sep, 2014

  • All arrangements went well.

    Mr Young 01 Sep, 2014

  • everything was fine.

    Mr Draper 17 Jun, 2013

  • Very smooth and efficient. Staff very helpful. Facilities as described.

    Mrs Richardson 17 Jun, 2013

  • The whole car parking experience went very smoothly with helpful staff.

    Mr Ellerington 17 Jun, 2013

  • Parking was very convenient and right next to the port at Dover.
    Staff were very friendly and helpful. thank you

    Mr Thompson 17 Jun, 2013

  • Very good service and very close to departure point. The staff were helpful and courteous. Brilliant service overall!

    Mrs Aulakah 10 Jun, 2013

  • No problems whatever. Everything as described and a worthwhile saving

    Mr Joy 03 Jun, 2013

  • Dover Port parking is excellent. So convenient and the staff were all very helpful. Very relaxed environment.

    Mrs Gamman 24 May, 2013

  • Yes, very smoothly and effeciently.

    Mrs Charity 20 May, 2013

  • Dropped off luggage at cruise terminal, which was taken by porter onto ship. Parked circa 50 yards from where bags dropped off, nearest ever parking to ship :-)

    Mr Devine 20 May, 2013

  • Parking was so simply, porters on hand to take luggage whilst my wife & I checked in - but the biggest benefit for us was the fact that within 5 minutes of disembarking the ship we were all in the car and heading on home - no stress just a continuation of a very relaxing holiday

    Mr Jarvis 13 May, 2013

  • Dover port parking was not exactly as described. We expected a short walk to the cruise terminal but were allocated a place at the opposite end and needed to wait for a shuttle bus. Staff were helpful with luggage though.

    Mr Ward 11 Apr, 2013

  • Everything as described and all went very smoothly

    Purvis 13 Nov, 2012

  • Great, smooth as silk, and as expected, staff great too

    Mrs Younger 09 Oct, 2012

  • From applying for parking to the staff at Dover everythging went very smoothly

    Mrs Weyhaupt 25 Sep, 2012

  • Everything was OK

    Mr Blain 05 Sep, 2012

  • staff v helpful and efficient

    Mrs Langford 16 Jul, 2012

  • Parking was easy to find, trouble free and, as described, close to the ship making boarding easy.

    Mr Gore 10 Jul, 2012

  • very smooth even though we arrived two hours early. Our luggage was taken immediately and we had a very short walk to the cruise terminal.
    Couldn't have been better.

    Mr Sheppard 03 Jul, 2012

  • yes,yes,yes

    Mr Winter 24 Jun, 2012

  • The staff were very helpful, and when we returned we were at a different position, so my car was a lt further that before. Your porters were most helpful, thank you

    Mr Endicott 24 Jun, 2012

  • Everything fine !!

    Mr Wright 20 Jun, 2012

  • It all went very smoothly. The port staff directed us to the appropriate staff/parking with no hold ups.

    Mrs Allen 14 Jun, 2012

  • good service

    Mr Carter 05 Jun, 2012

  • very helpful would use again

    Mr Williams 08 May, 2012

  • Brilliant service

    Mr Phillips 19 Sep, 2011

  • Everybody was very helpful as this was our first cruise, we parked very close to the cruise ship in Dover, our cases were taken from the car which was an excellant service.Thank you for making cruising easy for us.

    Mr Smith 06 Sep, 2011

  • Everything was very easy, staff helpful, but there were not many people arriving by car, so I couldn't comment if it was very busy. But we were very happy with the service provided.

    Mr Beck 03 Sep, 2011

  • staff very helpful

    Mr Hutton 29 Aug, 2011


    Mr Philo 28 Aug, 2011

  • No problem - all went as expected.

    Mr Cranston 27 Aug, 2011

  • distance from car to ship was father than expected.especially on return

    Mr Williams 18 Aug, 2011

  • Excellent efficient service. Friendly staff and quick transfers.

    Mr Guest 16 Aug, 2011

  • We booked car park at dover that worked fine. although expensive.

    Mr Stanley 15 Aug, 2011

  • Everything work very well, and the process was very quick and the staff very helpful.

    Mr Redding 15 Aug, 2011

  • Easy parking at Dover, pulled up, helped with the cases then just a 2 minute walk to the ship.

    Mr Cosway 09 Aug, 2011

  • Everything went like clockwork [apart from the Dartford crossing !]

    Mr Mayfield 01 Aug, 2011

  • Yes it was as we expected ahd the staff were helpful.

    Mrs Whitham 21 Jul, 2011


    Mrs Gay 05 Jul, 2011

  • a dream. Thank you.

    Mr Narang 18 Jun, 2010

  • Transfer vehicles slow when we returned

    Mr Power 24 Jun, 2010

  • Service was of high quality.

    Mr Evans 28 Jun, 2010

  • Everything went smoothly. Facilities were as described.
    Staff were helpful

    Mrs Cameron 22 Aug, 2010

  • One niggle. Yes bags were taken from us but no transport offered back from the car park or to it on return.

    Mr Smith 29 Aug, 2010

  • It was a very pleasurable experience exactly as described with no problems going or returning.

    Mr Peach 30 Aug, 2010

  • Faultless. Staff were cheerful and polite both ends of the trip. Recommended.

    Mr Dodwell 30 Aug, 2010

  • Everything as advertised

    Mr Woolley 31 Aug, 2010