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Parking Spotz T4 & T5 at Heathrow Airport


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If you're flying from Terminal 4 or 5 at Heathrow and you're looking for secured, effortless airport parking then turn your attention to Parking Spotz T4 & T5. With this package there's no need for transfers, simply pull up outside the terminal, pass your keys over to one of trusty drivers at Parking Spotz, and walk the short walk to check-in. While you're getting your trip off to a flying start, your chauffeur will be parking your car in a Park Mark approved facility nearby. When you return, give Parking Spotz a quick call to let them know you've arrived and your car will be waiting outside the terminal for a smooth exit home.

Reasons to book Parking Spotz T4 & T5

  • Transfers aren't needed as you are met by the terminal.
  • Your car is parked for you, saving you time finding a space.
  • The car park has CCTV.

Arrival at Parking Spotz T4 & T5

Please call Parking Spotz on 07944 860 888 when you are 30 minutes away from the airport.

Terminal 4:
Park your car in one of the designated Off Airport Meet and Greet parking bays, on level 2.

Terminal 5:
Park your car in one of the 'Off Airport' bays, towards the end of the car park in rows R & S.

Lock your car and give the keys and parking ticket to the Parking Spotz representative at the terminal, who will be dressed in grey and pink. The driver will be carrying ID.

The earliest they can meet you is 5am. If you need to an earlier time slot please contact call the car park 24 hours prior to arrival.

Getting to and from Heathrow airport

While a driver parks your car, all you need to do is walk the short stroll to check-in. When you're back, call the car park after you've collected your luggage. Then walk across the road to the Short Stay car park.

On your return your car will be brought back to the place where you dropped it off.

On your return to Parking Spotz T4 & T5

On your arrival to the car park you will be given instructions by the Handover Representative, which you need to follow on your return.

Parking Spotz will only pay for the exit charges for the Short Stay car park for up to 15 minutes, once your car has been delivered. Any charges after this will need to be paid for locally, at the discretion of the car park.

More information

Do not park in disabled, Brown Badge or unpaid ticket bays, as Parking-Spotz will not be responsible for tickets issue by Heathrow Airport.

You need to hand your keys over to the driver, so that your vehicle can be moved to our car park. Parking-Spotz cannot be held responsible for any car parking costs incurred, if they are not able to move your vehicle or if you have not handed your keys to the representative.