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13 flights leaving on 22/09/21
Flight Departure Terminal
TP1363 21/09/21 06:00 2
TP6928 21/09/21 08:40 2
TP1367 21/09/21 11:20 2
TP8401 21/09/21 11:25 2
TP7443 21/09/21 12:15 2
TP6898 21/09/21 13:10 2
TP1361 21/09/21 16:35 2
TP7445 21/09/21 16:35 2
TP1357 21/09/21 18:45 2
TP6900 21/09/21 20:40 2
TP8403 21/09/21 20:50 2
TP8985 21/09/21 21:00 2
TP7435 21/09/21 22:15 2

TAP Portugal has been flying to Africa, South America and Europe for almost seven decades, giving travellers a reliable service with the latest aircrafts as they’re launched. Their flight schedule covers many of the most popular holiday destinations, taking their passengers to the beach, the mountains and many international UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The airline now runs 55 planes, all provided by Airbus, taking passengers to 34 countries. The 76 destinations that TAP Portugal serves include Ibiza, Dublin and Houston - and they were the choice of more than nine million holidaymakers in 2011. As well as proudly representing Portugal as the country’s national airline, TAP is aiming to become one of the biggest international airlines in the near future.

TAP Portugal - one of the most impressive legacies of any airline

  • The airline hired their first steward in 1946 - and their second seven years later
  • 1958 was a record year for the company, including their first milestone of 10,000 flight hours
  • TAP Portugal created the ‘Friendship Flight’ in 1960, between Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro
  • They were awarded the Gold Medal for Tourist Merit during the 1970s
  • In 1982, the airline carried Pope John Paul II on his first visit to Portugal
  • The airline reached yet another milestone - three million passengers annually - in 1990
  • Voted the ‘World’s Leading Airline to South America’ every year from 2009 to 2012

Travel Extras

The airline has a detailed baggage policy to cover the vast majority of items, including musical instruments and mobility equipment. Baggage allowances are on par with other European and global carriers.

TAP Portugal flies its passengers in either Economy or Executive class, with up to 34 or 60 inches of space respectively between each seat. It’s possible to book extra seats online for added comfort or to store additional baggage.

Parking and valet services are available at the airport, as is premium boarding - both of these must be selected online in advance. TAP Portugal also offers hotel booking, car rental and their Personalised Assistance scheme for help with check-in and connecting flights.

TAP Portugal - the official national airline of Portugal

TAP Portugal was founded in 1945, and helped to develop commercial flights in its early stages. Starting from a single route with a single plane, the company has consistently grown in both size and popularity every year. The airline was one of the first to exclusively use jet planes in 1967, and added Airbuses to the fleet not long after the aircraft company launched.