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Taba Departures

Sat on the border between Egypt and Israel, Taba is a year-round resort with plenty of activities in one of the most beautiful parts of the Sinai Peninsula. It’s bordered by climb and hike, go on treks or just stretch out and sunbathe.

The perfect destination for a trip soaked in luxury

Taba is an upmarket choice – the resort is full of four and five-star hotels, and there are spas, swimming pools, a golf course, shops, restaurants and bars. The range of dining options is excellent: choose from a huge range of international cuisines.

Top 5 things to do in Taba

  1. Red Sea Waterworld - You can try waterskiing, kitesurfing, catsailing, windsurfing, parasailing and wakeboarding at this diving centre and beach club. It also has its own private beach, a sports shop, a restaurant and a beach bar
  2. Salt Cave - This stunning chamber at the Marriott hotel is made entirely of salt from the Dead Sea and the Siwa Oasis. A spell in the cave (sessions last 45 minutes) is said to help treat and relax the skin
  3. Castle Zaman - Perched on the top of a desert cliff, the castle offers views of four countries at once - Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. It has a swimming pool, a pond full of koi carp, a restaurant and a cocktail bar
  4. Taba Heights Golf Resort - Enjoy sea and mountain views from the fairways of this 7,100-yard course
  5. Salah El-Din Castle - This 12th-century edifice was built by Saladin, the first Sultan of Egypt, and is actually two castles, Northern and Southern

Top 5 Taba excursions

  1. Camel riding - Take a camel ride into the Sinai Desert to explore. You’ll also meet Bedouin villagers and try real Bedouin tea
  2. Super Jeep Safari - This trip takes you to the Monastery of St Catherine and the Coloured Canyon, a deep gorge formed by an earthquake, each layer of which is a different colour
  3. Diving on Pharaoh’s Island - This small rocky island 8km south of Taba is surrounded by coral reefs
  4. Mount Sinai - The 2,285-metre climb to the top of the mountain where Moses was said to have received the Ten Commandments isn’t easy, and nor is the 2am start, but the incredible views of the sunrise are worth it
  5. Boat trips - Take a trip in a submarine or a glass-bottomed boat and observe the beautiful fish and corals in the water