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16 flights leaving on 16/06/21
Flight Departure Terminal
NZ3305 16/06/21 09:25 2
SQ305 16/06/21 09:25 2
VS7974 16/06/21 09:25 2
AC6299 16/06/21 11:25 2
NZ3317 16/06/21 11:25 2
SK8037 16/06/21 11:25 2
SQ317 16/06/21 11:25 2
TP8401 16/06/21 11:25 2
VS7972 16/06/21 11:25 2
FJ5950 16/06/21 20:50 2
NZ3319 16/06/21 20:50 2
OU5804 16/06/21 20:50 2
SK8039 16/06/21 20:50 2
SQ319 16/06/21 20:50 2
TP8403 16/06/21 20:50 2
VS7970 16/06/21 20:50 2

Singapore Airlines began as a regional airline to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang, and now flies more than 18 million passengers internationally every year. Their ‘Singapore Girl’, a symbol of grace and hospitality, is now a global icon. They fly to some of the most popular beach holiday destinations, capital cities, island nations and family-friendly resorts.

The 60 destinations that Singapore Airlines now flies to covers 30 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Menus and drinks on all flights have been selected by the International Culinary Panel and wine experts, and the in-flight entertainment system now has over 1,000 options. The airline has plans to significantly increase their fleet of 21 planes, with 12 already on order.

Singapore Airlines - a long history of firsts

  • First to provide free drinks and headsets to passengers in the 1970s
  • Introduced satellite-based in-flight telephones in 1991
  • In 1998, the airline was first to seek the advice of world-famous chefs in developing their in-flight meals
  • Provided audio and video on demand via the KrisWorld system in 2001
  • They completed the first non-stop commercial flight from Singapore to Los Angeles in 2004, beating every other airline
  • This was followed by a longer non-stop route to New York’s Newark airport that same year
  • Voted the ‘World’s Leading Airline to South America’ every year from 2009 to 2012
  • In 2007, they introduced an Airbus A380 to the fleet on their Singapore-Sydney route

Travel Extras

PPS Club members enjoy double the standard baggage allowance, which is comparable to most other international airlines. KrisFlyer and Star Alliance members are allowed an extra 20kg of luggage.

In Economy, Business or First Class, passengers enjoy comfortable amounts of personal space and an infotainment screen. At any time before check-in, you can choose your seats online for a small charge.

Holidaymakers flying to Singapore with the airline can add free tours to their booking, and certain passengers enjoy Boarding Pass Privileges.

Singapore Airlines - the country’s 5-star airline and flag carrier

Since 1972, Singapore Airlines has been steadily growing in size and reputation. Over the years, the company has become the world’s most awarded airline and Singapore’s national carrier to all destinations. They boast one of the youngest and most advanced fleets of any international airline - their 21 planes have an average age of less than seven years old.