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Standing on the banks of the Salzach river against a backdrop of mountains, Salzburg is a stunning city of domes and spires, internationally renowned for its architecture. The city centre, full of splendid baroque buildings, has remained largely unchanged through the centuries and is now a World Heritage Site.

City of culture: from Mozart to Maria

Salzburg was Mozart’s birthplace, and both the house where he was born and the house the family later moved into have been turned into museums. Mozarts Geburtshaus (Mozart’s Birthplace) houses some of his instruments, including his childhood violin, his concert violin and his clavichord, plus portraits and letters from the family.

The city was also the setting for the film The Sound of Music, and visitors can book tours which will take them round the different places featured in the film.

Top 5 Salzburg buildings

  1. Hohensalzburg Castle - This mighty 900-year-old clifftop fortress is Salzburg’s most visible icon. Catch the funicular or walk up and admire the views of the city and the mountains, and the gold-studded ceiling in the banquet hall
  2. Salzburg Cathedral - Mozart was baptised in the font of this beautiful baroque cathedral, which dates from 1628
  3. Mirabell Palace - This beautiful castle, which houses a marble wedding hall, was built by an archbishop for his beloved courtesan in 1606 and is famous for its splendid gardens
  4. Hellbrunn Castle - Archbishop Markus Sitticus built this yellow-painted palace as a retreat from his official duties. Make sure you don’t miss the trick fountains in the vast gardens
  5. St Peter’s Monastery and Cemetery - This Benedictine monastery was founded in 696 and is the oldest in the German-speaking world

5 unmissable sights around Salzburg

  1. Kapuzinerberg - Take a walk through deep forest up to the top of this steep hill and admire the views of the city and the Alps
  2. Eisriesenwelt - These fantastic ice caves constitute a unique experience. Wrap up warm and follow the passages deep into the mountains to see ice sculptures, frozen lakes and the twinkling ice palace
  3. Getreidegasse - The city’s most fashionable shopping street is a scenic medieval alley where Mozart was born
  4. Salzburg Museum of Modern Art - A four-storey museum that’s home to paintings from the 20th and 21st centuries – and there’s a splendid view from the restaurant
  5. Mozartplatz - This splendid square in the heart of the old town houses the Mozart memorial