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Punta Cana Departures

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Punta Cana is a place to get away from the rat race and soak up some sun. It has long and unspoilt trails of white sand for you to lay your beach towel on, and an almost endless supply of sunshine during the day. Pick a shady spot under your favourite palm tree and relax with a good book - you don’t need to do anything more than that if you don’t want to.

Experience the Dominican Republic at your own pace - slow or fast

Holidaymakers who want to feel a little more excitement won’t leave Punta Cana disappointed. There are tons of activities on for thrill-seekers. You can drive a dune buggy or a speedboat, swim with sharks and dolphins and explore the caves.

Top 5 fun things to do

  1. Swim with dolphins - You’ll be taken to Dolphin Island, an area in the ocean where you can make new friends and snorkel. Keep an eye out for sea lions too
  2. Drive a dune buggy - Your trip will take in the beach town of Uvero Alto, rice fields where you’ll see workers tending to their crops, and a nine-mile drive along the palm-fringed Playa La Vacama beach
  3. Swim with sharks - Snorkel and see nurse sharks and stingrays along Punta Cana’s biggest coral reefs at the Marinarium marine park. On the cruise back, you’ll learn how to make cocktails (which, after swimming with sharks, you may well need)
  4. Drive a speedboat - You’ll be led along the beaches of Bavaro and your journey will end at a snorkelling platform where you can go diving
  5. Take a zip wire ride - Enjoy fantastic views as you hurtle through the rainforest

Top 5 relaxed Punta Cana trips

  1. Saona Island - Take a catamaran cruise to this government-protected nature reserve famous for its beautiful beaches, birds and tropical fish – and as the location for the Bounty bar adverts
  2. Monster Truck Safari - Visit unspoiled countryside, sugar cane fields, villages and a Dominican school. You’ll also enjoy some Dominican coffee and a riverside buffet lunch
  3. Punta Cana Ecological Park - This eight square kilometre protected park is home to 80 bird species, 160 insect species and 500 plant species. Take one of the 90-minute guided tours, which take in the botanical and fruit gardens, the iguana farm (part of a breeding programme) and a petting zoo
  4. Fun Fun Cave - Explore the magnificent underground tunnels of this cave in the beautiful Los Haitises National Park. Marvel at the stalactites, stalagmites and lava columns and learn about the history of the cave – you’ll also ride there and back on horseback
  5. La Cana Golf Course - Enjoy stunning ocean views from this 18-hole course