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39 flights leaving on 03/07/22
Flight Departure Terminal
AF9278 03/07/22 10:40 3
AM7679 03/07/22 10:40 3
DL5971 03/07/22 10:40 3
KL2510 03/07/22 10:40 3
VS91 03/07/22 10:40 3
AA7012 03/07/22 11:00 South
AY5447 03/07/22 11:00 South
BA2037 03/07/22 11:00 South
BA6153 03/07/22 11:00 2
EI35 03/07/22 11:00 2
EI8237 03/07/22 11:00 South
IB7598 03/07/22 11:00 South
AF9896 03/07/22 11:10 2
AM7690 03/07/22 11:10 2
DL5932 03/07/22 11:10 2
KL4833 03/07/22 11:10 2
SQ2573 03/07/22 11:10 2
VS73 03/07/22 11:10 2
AF9929 03/07/22 12:40
DL5903 03/07/22 12:40
KL2504 03/07/22 12:40
VS161 03/07/22 12:40
AF9280 03/07/22 12:45 3
AM7678 03/07/22 12:45 3
DL5973 03/07/22 12:45 3
KL2508 03/07/22 12:45 3
VS135 03/07/22 12:45 3
AA6905 03/07/22 13:30 3
AY5455 03/07/22 13:30 3
BA205 03/07/22 13:30 3
EI8905 03/07/22 13:30 3
AA6931 03/07/22 14:30 South
AY5539 03/07/22 14:30 South
BA2039 03/07/22 14:30 South
EI8239 03/07/22 14:30 South
IB7600 03/07/22 14:30 South
BA6121 03/07/22 14:50 2
EI121 03/07/22 14:50 2
EY7972 03/07/22 14:50 2

So much more than Disney World...

Orlando is the 5th biggest city in Florida and boasts over 100 different attractions. There is something to suit every type of traveller and every budget so you can tailor your Orlando experience to get exactly what you want from your holiday. With a little bit of careful planning cheap flights to Orlando can be booked and when paired with an impressive range of cheap hotels in Orlando, you will have more money to spend at the theme parks and water parks. The thrill seekers amongst you won't be dissatisfied, however, if high adrenaline roller-coaster rides are not your thing, Orlando has plenty of milder attractions to keep you entertained. Orlando is often known as 'the beautiful city,' and for good reason: getting away from the crowds at the theme parks, you can enjoy over 2000 beautiful lakes, explore many stunning gardens and, of course, relax on the glorious white sand beaches.

Home to Disney World, Orlando in Florida tends to be associated with Mickey Mouse and co. when being considered as a holiday destination, but Orlando has a huge amount to offer for kids and adults alike whether you're a fan of Magic Kingdoms or not.

Many people return to the city because of its impressive dining, with over 5,180 restaurants to choose from, you are certain to find copious places to suit your tastes and budget. Whether you are looking for one of the many infamous steakhouses, all you can eat breakfasts or just a hot dog stand, you are certain to be impressed with Orlando's cuisine selection.

People go to Florida in search of the unmatched theme parks, ample shopping, unbelievable entertainment, delicious dining and the bountiful number of attractions. We have compiled some lists of what we think are the top things to do in Orlando, to help you with the enviable task of deciding where to go on your trip.

Top 10 theme parks

Orlando is a natural first thought if you're a fan of theme parks. Disney World alone offers a diverse choice to occupy all ages and tastes. Here are the top 10 highlights we recommend you book into your agenda.

Orlando Universal Adventure Park
  1. Universal Orlando's Island of Adventure
  2. Universal Studios Florida
  3. Disney's Animal Kingdom
  4. Seaworld Orlando
  5. Magic Kingdom park
  6. Gatorland
  7. Epcot
  8. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
  9. Legoland
  10. Disney Hollywood Studios

Top 5 water parks

With summer temperatures reaching highs of around 30 degrees centigrade, many visitors to Orlando welcome a cooling splash of fun. Pack your trunks and look forward to these top 5 water parks.

  1. Aquatica
  2. Disney's Typhoon Lagoon
  3. Wet & Wild
  4. Blizzard Beach
  5. Discovery Cove

Top Things to do in Orlando

It's difficult to know where to start in Orlando but we've compiled a top 10 must-see/do places and activities. You'll have to pick and choose unless you're staying for a month but we thoroughly recommend you check out some of the following that sound like your cup of tea (or can of soda?).

Kennedy Space Centre
  1. Watch an Orlando Magic basketball game
  2. Winter park- scenic boat tour
  3. Central Florida Zoo and botanical gardens
  4. Pioneer museum
  5. Holocaust memorial center
  6. Harry P. Leu Gardens
  7. Airboat rides at Boggy Creek
  8. Kennedy Space center
  9. Miniature golf
  10. Warm springs

Top 10 places to eat and drink

Indulging plenty of our baser food passions as well as more refined taste buds, Orlando has a great selection of American restaurants and quirky dining experiences. Here are our top 10 for you to investigate and salivate over.

Food in Orlando
  1. Fish Bones
  2. The Ravenous Pig
  3. Hamburger Mary's
  4. Ichiban
  5. Enzian Theatre
  6. Dandielion Communitea Cafe
  7. Bubbalous, Bodacious Bar - B Que
  8. Outback Steakhouse
  9. Golden Coral
  10. Cafe TuTu Tango