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Luqa Malta Departures

The Maltese Islands are steeped in culture and heritage, with 7,000 years of history; the historic legacy unique to the Mediterranean is enthralling. The beautiful island enjoys fair weather and boasts an exceptional variety of flowers and wild plants, golden beaches and picturesque villages. Visitors can expect to find vibrant nightlife, ranging from bustling nightclubs, to amazing concerts and restaurants serving delicious Maltese food.

The picturesque village on Luqa is located in the South East of Malta and is typical of the Maltese Islands by being old and densely populated. There is a beautiful church at the main square dedicated to St. Andrews, which is certainly worth a visit. The town of Luqa celebrates it's traditional feast of St. Andrew on the first Sunday of July - the Maltese food is superb and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Malta at a Glance

  1. Museums - Take a visit to one of the many museums and learn about the 7,000 years of Maltese culture - from magnificent Baroque architecture to sacred art treasures.
  2. Archaeologic Sites - Explore the archaeological sites which captivate all who visit, there are megalithic monuments, Medieval churches, Punic tombs, Bronze Age dolmens and Roman villas.
  3. Beaches - Discover the beaches and the bays in Malta - ranging from golden sands at Mellieħa Bay, Għajn Tuffieħa and Golden Bay; to blue lagoons where the azure water is magnificent and enticing.
  4. For the Kids - For those travelling with kids, there is a waterpark and the Sweethaven Village which is where the 1980s musical production 'Popeye' is set.
  5. History of War - The Natural War Museum grants an insight into why Malta is often called the fortress island, guests can expect to learn all about the fascinating Maltese war history.
  6. Natural Wonders - Visit the natural wonders of Malta, including the Azure window, the Inland Sea and Fungus Rock.