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Luga Departures

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Luga is a venerable old city in the Leningrad Oblast. Far removed from the bustle of Moscow, it’s surrounded by beautiful countryside, and is a short distance from Saint Petersburg.

An idyllic blend of country and city

Weary travellers can rest in the comfortable confines of Luga, the city where Russian composer N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov wrote operas like ‘The Night Before Christmas’. You’ll enjoy traditional Leningrad Oblast cuisine in friendly restaurants on the city’s streets. From mushroom julienne to homemade kvass, there’s a taste to suit everyone, and you can sip chilled vodka in the spirit’s homeland.

There’s also plenty for families to do. Visit fascinating museums and archaic ruins to get a real sense of the history of ‘Hero City’, or keep to the inner-city, where there are plenty of activities for children. With regular buses to Saint Petersburg and Pskov, and the Luga train station conveniently positioned, you can take day-trips to the surrounding areas.

Top 5 things to do in Luga

Relish every moment of your time in Luga with this list of our favourite things to do:

  1. Get inspiration from two museums dedicated to N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov
  2. Dine on regional cuisine in the city’s many restaurants
  3. Explore the ancient ruins of buildings destroyed during World War Two
  4. Take the three-hour bus trip to Saint Petersburg
  5. Visit the revered Resurrection of Christ Cathedral

Top 5 historical facts about Luga

For a small and often quiet city, Luga has an illustrious history. Here are some interesting facts to bear in mind when you travel:

  1. It was founded on the bank of the River Luga by Catherine the Great in 1777
  2. In 1918 the Leningrad Oblast was the setting for the Russian Civil War, as the White Army failed to conquer Petrograd
  3. During World War Two the German advance was halted in the Luga area by seven militia groups, delaying the Siege of Leningrad by a month. Luga was awarded the title ‘Hero City’ to commemorate the achievement
  4. The Russian composer N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov spent many summers writing music in Luga, and fans from around the world visit the two museums set up in his honour
  5. Luga is now the town of district significance in Leningrad Oblast