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Embraer 190

Open and spacious

A narrow bodied, twin engine airliner; the Embraer 190 is a popular choice for city flying and European destinations. This low emission, low noise aircraft can seat between 98 and 114 people without compromising on space and comfort. Fully wireless enabled, (access to service depends on your airline) and fitted with wide leather seats and individual seat-back monitors; even economy class customers will feel a little bit special on this flight .


Hate the middle seat? Well you can relax at the thought of the Embraer 190. It's 2X2 seating arrangement means no more fighting for the window or aisle seat. The adeptly named "double-bubble" design gives passengers more personal space, with wider seats (46 cm) and wider isles (50 cm) than other similar airlines in service.

As well as this, the Embraer 190 can boast masses of natural light thanks to large windows (30% larger than other aircraft) and its 2 metre high cabin making it seem open, spacious and less claustrophobic compared to other planes. Add all this to the easy access overhead lockers and smoother, faster boarding, this 2X2 layout really is a winner.


  • 2X2 Layout means no middle seat
  • More personal space; wider seats and isles
  • 2 meter high cabin
  • Large eye level windows (30% larger than other aircraft)
  • Individual seat back monitors
  • Wireless enabled (depending on your airline)