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Embraer 170

Comfort as standard

The Embraer 170 is the smaller, but by no means less comfortable sister, to the Embraer 190. Like many of the planes in this series, the 2x2 seating, no middle seat and increased personal space means that travelers can feel a sense of luxury when flying. With twin jets and seating 70-80 people this really is a compact aircraftbut, once inside, you'll be surprised not only by the space available but also by how quiet and relaxing the ride is; with improved sound proofing, lighter quieter systems and reduced emissions, you'll think you're already on holiday.


A call for more space and better passenger comfort lead to the unique design that is the "double bubble" layout in the Embraer 170. These two overlapping circles mean that the widest part of the aircraft is right where the passenger sits and, with its 2 meter high cabin, larger seats and 2x2 layout. There really is no chance of discomfort when flying on this plane, wherever you end up sitting.

Sounds good? It gets better, with WiFi enabled (depending on your airline) individual seat screens for films, TV and even satellite radio, paired with in-seat plugs and USB ports, you'll have all the technology you could ever need right at your fingertips. With all that technology you could be tempted to finish that important email or catch up on some important work; but remember, if you'd rather lie back and relax, that's just as easy on the Embraer 170, with its LED mood lighting, larger seats and improved engine acoustics making it the perfect spot for some shut eye.


  • 2x2 Seating layout means no middle seat
  • Individual seat monitors
  • In-seat power ports and USB
  • WiFi enabled
  • Seats 70-80 people
  • Twin Jets