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Cancun is about more than just glowing white beaches and sparkling waters. Considered one of the gateways to the Mayan world, you’ll be on the doorstep of an ancient civilisation.

Get your fill of adventure: from the jazz clubs to the jungle

Cancun is a coastal city of contrasts. Thrill seekers can swim with whale sharks, delve into the jungle on a beach tour and marvel at ancient Mayan ruins. Families can enjoy gentle beaches on Holbox Island, see exotic wildlife in the Nichupte Lagoon or enjoy a lobster dinner on their very own cruise. Located in the state of Quintana Roo, known as the Mexican Caribbean, the weather in Cancun is as agreeable as you’d expect – perfect for dips in the tranquil waters.

When it comes to food you’ll be equally spoiled for choice. Steak houses to seafood grilles, tacos to tortas – the variety of flavours available will suit any palate.

You’re certain to enjoy your trip to Cancun, but a little extra preparation always helps. Below you can find some of our top adventure ideas, along with our favourite ways to relax.

Top 10 adventurous activities

Bring out your inner explorer in Cancun, one of the world’s most exciting escapes. Here are some of our favourite activities.

  1. Swim with dolphins in the Caribbean Sea
  2. Sail down the Nichupte Lagoon
  3. Take a snorkelling tour with whale sharks between June and September
  4. Hire a jeep to explore Mayan architecture in the Xcaret Ecopark
  5. Spend a night watching the ‘Xcaret México Espectacular’, an exhibition of traditional Mayan culture
  6. Bring your best haggling skills to the markets of Cancun
  7. Take a short trip to the fishing village of Puerto Morelos
  8. Test your swing at one of the premier golf courses in Cancun
  9. Drive extreme race cars around a private track
  10. Dance the night away in one of the unique clubs, like Señor Frog's

Top 5 ways to relax

Once you’ve exhausted yourself with our adventure checklist, there’s a wealth of ways to relax and sights to see in Cancun. Feast your eyes on our selection.

  1. Visit the Interactive Aquarium, and watch sharks and manta rays in complete safety
  2. Spot rare seabirds on the Isla Contoy
  3. Enjoy native Mayan healing rituals in a premium spa
  4. Tuck into your own Mexican feast in one of the city’s vibrant restaurants
  5. Listen to jazz in the renowned clubs of Cancun