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The Boeing-777-300

Flying in safe hands

The Boeing 777-300 falls under the larger Boeing 777 family, and like all aircraft from this brand, you can be sure of a comfortable and relaxing time on your journey. This long range, wide-body, twin-engine jet was designed to replace Boeing's older and more dated models with a new and more modern design. As well as a new interior the 777-300 burns one-third less fuel and can seat up to 550 passengers (in a single class layout) and can also boast advanced wing design allowing for faster take off and improved aerodynamic efficiency for a more environmentally friendly flight.


Like all Boeings the 777-300 is designed with the passenger in mind. It offers new cabins as standard with a modern layout with a light and airy interior, add this to the increased headroom and you won't feel enclosed or shut in on this flight. As well as this the 777-300 comes with updated on-board amenities and more inflight entertainment options, including start-of-the-art stereo systems. You'll also have plenty of room for your luggage with increased over-head storage and more headroom. All this adds up to a relaxing and enjoyable flight with a brand that is trusted and reliable, meaning all there is to to is relax and look forward to your holiday.


  • Inflight entertainment
  • Increased over-head storage
  • Seats up to 550 passengers (in a single class layout)
  • Reliable Boeing brand
  • Twin-engine jet
  • Eco-Friendly design