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Boeing 767-300

Clean, Quiet and Reliable

The Boeing 767-300 is a mid-size, twin-engine jet that was specially designed for long haul flights, but is also often favoured for short European destinations too and is used for more Atlantic flights than any other airplane. With a double aisle, this jet is nearly 4m longer than single aisle planes and can seat between 118 to 245 passengers (depending on class layout). Most importantly, like with all Boeings, you can rest easy with the 767-300 knowing you are flying with a trustworthy brand.


The 767-300 has adopted Boeings signature design (first seen in the 747 model) with larger overhead bins, indirect lighting for a softer look, curved walls and panels to give a modern feel, and larger windows for a more airy atmosphere. As well as this the 767-300 produces less emissions than any other airliner of it's size and burns significantly less fuel too; so if you're worried about the impact your flight will have on your carbon footprint, flying with the Boeing 767-300 will ensure you have a clean conscious. This flight won't just be clean, it will also be quiet with the Boeing 767-300 being designed to comply with to all new noise restrictions - better for the environment, and better for passengers.


  • 118 to 245 passengers (depending on class layout)
  • Double aisle layout
  • Low emissions
  • Trusted and reliable Brand
  • New, more modren design