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Boeing 757-200

Reliable, comfortable and efficient

This twin engine airliner is no exception to Boeings usual high standards. Designed in the 1980's with advanced technology, the Boeing 757-200 has exceptional fuel efficiency, increased passenger comfort and low noise levels. Carrying up to 228 passengers on a normal service this is one of the quietest, most fuel-efficient planes in service today with fitted winglets reducing fuel consumption by 5% and over 1000 planes created to this date.


The boeing 757-200 has seen a more passenger-friendly re-design with smooth curves, new overhead bins and a focus on a more open and airy feel to the cabin, making it a more relaxing place to be all round. Theres no need to worry about your hand luggage either with overhead bins holding twice the capacity of the earlier Boeing 727 model. With its single aisle layout the Boeing 757-200 will feel familiar and comfortable and, most of all, flying with this aircraft will mean you are flying on one of the most trusted and reliable aircraft in the world.


  • High fuel efficiency
  • Carries up to 228 passengers
  • Passenger friendly re-design
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Reliable Boeing Brand