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Boeing 747-400

Modern and reliable

The Boeing 747-400 is one of the most well known and widely recognized aircraft models, with its reliability as standard, its 416 passengers are in for a comfortable and relaxing flight whatever the destination. From short haul to long haul flights to LA or Melbourne, the Boeing 747-400 can handle them all. It's increased fuel capacity paired with its ability to carry a larger volume of passengers than any other commercial airliner, mean its no wonder this plane is so well recognised and trusted by travelers.


A newly redesigned and award winning interior in this 400 model of the 747 means that passenger comfort and connivence are as standard. New, lighter, more modern materials give a sense of space without compromising on the increased passenger storage space, or the 2.9 Cubic feet storage space per person. A well thought out design improves passenger comfort and convenience, aiming to create an airy and open look with contoured side walls. On the more technical side; new avionics, a new flight deck and a more aerodynamic shape mean that the boeing 747-400 is able to serve more than 210 airports worldwide. The chances are if you've flown; you've flown in a Boeing.


  • 23 First class seats
  • 78 Business class seats
  • 315 Economy class seats
  • In flight entertainment fully enabled with LED screens
  • Open and airy interior
  • 2.9 Cubic storage space per person