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Boeing 737-800

The Boeing Next Generation Best Seller

The Boeing 737-800 is known for it's economical performance, fuel efficiency and reliability. The 737-800 is the best selling Boeing 737 aircraft, selected by leading carriers across the world due to it's unrivalled flexibility to serve a wide range of markets. The aircraft can seat between 162 to 189 passengers; the engine hardware is designed to improve airflow, reducing fuel consumption by one percent. Simularly, improvements to the Boeing 737-800 wing design and structure reduce carbon emissions output by a further one percent. The Boeing 737-800 is the first commercial aircraft certified for Ground Positioning System landings, using satellite technology make landings more efficient and accurate.


The Boeing 737-800 features modern sculpted sidewalls and window reveals that capture the passenger's attention, this creates a greater synergy between the passenger and the flying experience. This new design incorporates large overhead, pivoting stowage bins which add to the sense of space within the cabin - giving passengers extra leg room and convenience. Speakers have been integrated into each row's passenger-service unit, delivering a greater clarity of public adresses; on top of this, noise-dampening materials will reduce overall cabin noise.


  • Innovative engine and wing design features which reduce carbon emissions output by two percent
  • Boeing 737-800 is the best selling version of the 737 commercial aircraft
  • Boeing 737-800 Sky Interior generates a greater flight experience for the passenger
  • The aircraft is certified for Ground Positioning System landings - efficient and accurate
  • Boeing 737-800 seats 162 passengers with a two-class system