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Boeing 737-400

Fly in Comfort

The Beoing 737-400 is a member of the larger Boeing 737 family of aircraft. The 400 model was first launched in 1985 as a stretched version of the earlier 300 model.With a nautical range of around 3,000 NM this plane is suited to shorter flights and with one class classification can hold up to 171 people. Most of all you'll be able to relax and start your holiday early in the knowledge you are with one of the most popular and trustworthy aircraft brands in the world.


The Boeing brand prides itself on top quality design and passenger comfort and the 737-400 is no exception to this. Modern LED lighting in the cove spaces and the sweeping overhead panels give for a soft and comforting interior that give the impression of a roomy and airy cabin. The LED lights don't just give you a cosy feel to the cabin, they also serve a practical purpose giving you better reading light, without the usual harsh glare. This is all paired with more practical features like larger overhead bins for increased luggage space (and increased leg room) that also have a cool pivot function meaning they can be tucked up out of the way, again giving you more headroom whist on board and larger windows at passenger eye level let in just the right amount of natural light. Throw in the usual built in in-flight entertainment and this is going to be a flight you won't forget!


  • Modern Layout
  • LED lighting
  • Increased overhead storage
  • Reliable Boeing brand
  • Holds up to 171 passengers