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Antigua & Barbuda Departures

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Cruise ship passengers and celebs are frequent visitors to Antigua and Barbuda. The tropical weather and miles of sandy beaches make it a popular destination.

Caribbean islands with a lingering British influence

Across the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, and the small uninhabited island of Redonda to the west, there are activities and attractions to suit everyone. Holidaymakers seeking a little rest and relaxation can pick a beach to sunbathe on, while the more adventurous can go scuba diving or snorkelling in one of the island’s many reefs.

You’ll feel right at home in Antigua and Barbuda, as the islands were formerly part of the British Empire and have kept much of the culture. The official language is English, so you’ll have no trouble ordering food or asking for directions.

Top 10 beaches and coastlines

The islands are known as the ‘Land of 365 Beaches’, as the area genuinely has one for every day of the year. We’ve highlighted some of the best:

  1. Fort James is locally popular and closest to St. John’s
  2. Long Bay is an enclosed spot to enjoy the reef
  3. Take the family to Half Moon Bay - it’s also a National Park
  4. Stroll to Pigeon Point after a day at Nelson’s Dockyard
  5. Try any of three family-friendly crescent beaches at Hawksbill
  6. Make the trip out to Doigs Beach for a quieter atmosphere
  7. Dickenson Bay offers the full beach resort experience
  8. Galley Bay is popular with surfers in winter
  9. Pink Beach lives up to its name with unspoilt pink sands
  10. Escape with a good book to Runaway Bay on the northern coast

Top 5 unique activities

There are plenty of once-in-a-lifetime experiences to enjoy on the islands. The mix of British and Caribbean culture has resulted in these fun and special things to do:

  1. Play cricket - the locals are devoted to the sport
  2. Ride a Segway down the beach
  3. Stop by a roadside barbecue on a Saturday
  4. Book a sailing trip and get close to dolphins and whales
  5. Try the delicious national dish of pepperpot and fungee