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Airbus Industrie A330-300

Quiet, Modern and Eco-friendly

Being one of the widely used aircraft, carrying over 1.1 billion passengers to date, eco-conscious travelers can rejoice when travelling onboard the Airbus A330/300; with its low emissions, low noise levels, as well as its fuel efficiency and engine enhancements, this is really one of the greenest planes about.


As one of its 300 on-board passengers you will be treated to all the latest in-flight technology including state-of-the art LED lighting, a newly designed air conditioning unit, as well as mood lighting and a variety of overhead storage options. Flexible cabin space gives room for a bar and social areas, partnered with extra headroom allowing for extra room for hand luggage, making this a favorite for long haul flights. Topped off with new stylish interior, whether you are in the Airbus A3330's 36 first class seats or its 264 coach seats, a comfortable ride is guaranteed.


  • 36 First/business class seats (60-inch seat pitch)
  • 264 coach seats (32-inch pitch)
  • Low noise and emissions levels
  • In flight entertainment fully enabled (degree of entertainment offered depends upon your airline)
  • Twin-engine efficiency
  • Carries 300 passengers in a typical two-cabin arrangement